The Best Books on Tax Treaties

Are you seeking to learn more on Tax Treaties and double taxation? Here below, we have collected the absolutely best and most useful literature on the subject, for you to learn more on how these agreements for avoiding double taxation work and how to apply them in your life. Tax treaties are quite difficult to overview at a first glance, but are structured in a logical way, which is visible when you familiarize yourself with them. These books, will help you a lot on the way.

Schwarz on Tax Treaties must be considered the absolute key literature on Tax Treaties from an UK perspective and provides in depth expert analysis of the interpretation and interaction of the UK’s treaty network with EU and international law in their application to UK tax law.

Schwarz on Tax Treaties has established itself as a standard reference work on this challenging subject. This fifth edition significantly develops the earlier work with enhanced commentary and is updated to include the latest UK, international and EU treaty developments, including the latest bilateral double tax and exchange of information treaties and protocols, as well as the EU Anti-Tax Avoidance Treaty.

Jonathan Schwarz is an English Barrister at Temple Tax Chambers in London. His practice focuses on international tax disputes as counsel and advice on solving cross-border tax problems. He is a visiting Professor at King’s College London and he has been listed as a leading tax Barrister in both the Legal 500 for international corporate tax, and Chambers’ Guide to the Legal Profession for international transactions and particular expertise in transfer pricing.  In Chambers Guide he is commended for his ‘encyclopaedic knowledge of double tax treaties’.

Tax Planning with Double Tax Treaties is a more easy-to-digest guide that contains detailed information on how you can use the terms of the UK’s double tax treaties to reduce your UK tax liability. 

Subjects covered include

  • Taking advantage of double tax treaties to reduce UK withholding tax
  • Tax planning with the EU interest & royalties directive
  • Income tax on UK dividends for non UK residents
  • How pensions are taxed when you’re overseas
  • Everything you need to know about tax treaty residence
  • … and a lot more
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