About the Tax Deducted at Source Calculator

With the TDS Calculator, you may, based on the country of your residence and the country of the source of the income, calculate to what rate your income of dividends and interest will be taxed at the source country. 

Regardless of where you live and from where the income derives, both countries are, in accordance with their respective legislations, allowed to tax you to the full extent. However, there are bilateral tax treaties in place between most countries to avoid double taxation, i.e. that your same income will be taxed twice – once at the source and once in your country of residence.

Because the tax treaties are bilateral, it means each country has plenty of agreements, with varying tax rates that may be withheld by the country of the income’s source. For an investor and any individual saver, it is naturally rather difficult to track on each tax rate that applies to your investment income. 

That is why, we have examined hundreds of tax treaties and set up this easy-to-use double taxation calculator, to help you plan for your investment taxation and, when applicable, to find out when you can reclaim tax that has been withheld in the source country in excess of what is stipulated in the relevant tax treaty.


The idea behind’s calculator for source tax came to life by a private investor and EU advocate from Sweden. My name is Nicholas Ahonen, and I have a strong belief in an open market with free movement of capital, people and services, as well as a deep understanding of the importance of international diversification of each individual investor’s investment portfolios, a decision to help with planning for investments was made.

Fees are known as each investor’s worst enemy (after unbalanced risk/reward ratios in speculative investments), but many forget the impact of taxes, which may eat away a great portion of your gains. Therefore, it is important to plan ahead, and have a sense of how much tax you will be liable to pay in the country of the investment object’s country of residence. 

Hence, I hope you will find the calculator valuable. It is created with a purpose to assist with you reaching your financial goals, and to provide companies access to international capital. 

The tax treaties in the database are continuously kept up to date.

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